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Body Composition: how knowing it helps your workout

POSTED Thursday 30 January 2020

Body composition is the proportion of fat and non-fat mass in your body. A healthy body composition is one that includes a lower percentage of body fat and a higher percentage of non-fat mass, which includes muscle, bones, and organs. Knowing your body composition can help you assess your health and fitness level.

In the Gym, we have a body composition (BC) analysis machine, which uses the technology bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA).  This is one of many methods to assess BC, and in particular body fat and muscle mass. In BIA, a weak electric current flows through the body and the voltage is measured in order to calculate impedance (resistance) of the body, and has proven reliable when compared to other methods.

The top 5 things a BC analysis will show you is:

  1. Body fat percentage (the ratio of your body fat compared to your body weight)
  2. Muscle percentage (the part of your body that is muscle; varying with age, gender, and physical fitness)
  3. Bone mass (the density of bone tissue in your body)
  4. Metabolic age (determined based on the basal metabolic rate or energy rate of your age group – namely, the minimum amount of calories your body needs to maintain when resting)
  5. Visceral fat range (fat that is stored around your vital organs)

gym assessment

The BC analysis is available to everyone, and the regular cost is £8 per assessment. However, new community members get this for free as part of their comprehensive gym consultation, and once you have completed it, when you log into the Mywellness app, you’ll be able to view all of your measurements and results. Every measurement you went through with your Gym Instructor will be there for your own information view as and when you please. Often, the best way to kick start your fitness routine or to keep yourself motivated is to have quantifiable data to which you can work and track your progress – and the body composition assessment is a great way to start.

The BC analysis is excellent for new and old members alike. It will ground you with where you’re currently at, informing you of your raw numbers, whilst giving you clear goals to work towards. After speaking with your Gym Instructor, you can discuss what you can do in order to meet your goals, paving the way for 2020 to be your fittest year yet!

Want to find out your body composition? Get in touch with our Gym team today by emailing


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