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Ladies who lift – Tamara

POSTED Wednesday 8 March 2017

In celebration of International Women’s day, throughout this week, we’ll be talking to women from different areas of sport and fitness in our #ladieswho series.

Today’s series is on #LadiesWhoLift. We talk to three amazing women who have fallen in love with weightlifting and find what sparks their passion, keeps them motivated and how they got into this predominantly male discipline.

This is Tamra’s story:


Tamara Roberts




Public Health and Standards- Senior Advisor

How did you get into lifting?

During end of 2012 and the start of 2013, I wasn’t in a very happy place. I had to drop out of studying for my masters and needed something to distract me.

At the time, I worked with a cousin who was (and still is) heavily into weightlifting. He suggested I give the gym a try and I haven’t left it alone since!

The first gym I attended was a real power lifters gym and I loved competing with the men in there! Very few of them were able to keep up with me in a leg session. When I asked them to train with me, the excuses as to why they couldn’t flowed in.

Favourite move or PB?

I love a good leg session my PB for squatting is 150 kg

Tips for new lifters

Don’t worry about looking silly, everyone has a hard time the first time trying an exercise. Everyone progresses at different paces so try not to be too hard on yourself.

Also, don’t not feel intimidated by other people in the gym focus on your goal and keep this in sight each time you train. Remember, the gym is not a fashion show! It’s important to feel comfortable so wear comfortable clothing to suit.

Once you start to get comfortable, push yourself hard. You are responsible for your body.

Your shape is based on your genetics, you can work out all you want but you may not gain a booty like Serena Williams.

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