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Six reasons to swim with SWIMTAG

POSTED Wednesday 15 January 2020

Do you already use our pool, but want new ways to mix up your swim sessions? Are you interested in swimming but have no idea what workout to do once you get in the water? Do you just hate counting lengths?! Sign up to SWIMTAG today to track your progression, enter competitions and get training plans delivered to your inbox.

Whether you love to swim and count the laps every week, or just want some motivation to get into the pool, SWIMTAG is for you! All Sport & Fitness swim members can use SWIMTAG for free. Using the SWIMTAG wristband, you can make the most of your time in the pool as it collects data such as your number of lengths, stroke rate and average pace. So we thought we’d collate a few of the reasons why SWIMTAG is so brilliant!

1. It tracks your swimswimtag wristband

Even if you just want to see what your weekly gentle swim equates to in terms of calories burned, distance covered or time taken, SWIMTAG collects the data as you swim, and all you have to do is wear a wristband to do so. Once it has been docked at our Reception, the data is processed and uploaded to the SWIMTAG website and App, allowing you to access a range of rich, interactive content. Last month, our SWIMTAG participants burned over 180,000 calories over a distance of 600km in total – so why not add yours to the leaderboard?

2. It’s your own personal trainer

SWIMTAG keeps a record of all your swims without limits, so keep a tab on your training progress with a single click and see yourself swimming further, faster and longer with every swim. It keeps track of your progression using the simple personal best tool, which automatically notifies you when you set a new PB.

3. You can get competitive

Keep an eye out for specific Sport & Fitness SWIMTAG challenges, where you complete the specified distance and stroke type, and your top time will be added to the leaderboard. There are competitions to suit every level of swimmer, so if you’re doing it to compete with friends, in a public league to compare personal bests, or just to challenge yourself, there’s interesting goals for all.

4. It’s got interactive training options


SWIMTAG offers tailored programmes to help you progress with your training. From Health & Wellbeing, to Fitness, to Endurance, each programme offers a Novice, Intermediate and Advanced option so the training is specific to your level. If your main target is to improve your stamina over a long distance, develop stroke precision and speed consistency, increase ability to go further or just incorporate some activity into your daily routine, you’ll be able to find a programme to suit your style. They also have a range of articles for members to read, from topics such as how to train for a triathlon, and the most common stroke flaws.

5. It’s social

Your swim data can be shared with your swim mates, emailed straight to your inbox, posted to Facebook or Strava, or even downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet – so you can share your successes on your social media channels and with friends and family easily.

6. It’s free!

What’s not to love?! Simply head to Reception, ask a member of staff to set you up, receive your wristband (which automatically records your sessions), and drop the wristband back to Reception at the end of your session.


Last month, nearly 500 swims were clocked on the UoB Sport & Fitness SWIMTAG tracker, so why not join the 123 swimmers that recorded their swims in December and give it a go? Click on the button below, go to ‘Find a Pool’ and enter our postcode, B15 2TT, to find our facility. New users, once you’ve been signed up by a member of our staff, can sign in here.



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