Strengthening and toning exercises for your mid-section using your body weight and clear, straightforward exercise combinations 

Weights & Conditioning

Full body strengthening, body-weight and equipment-based class utilising hand weights, bars, kettlebells and more. Class structure specific to each instructor

Beginner Cycle

An indoor cycling class in our ground floor Cycle Studio, with enthusiastic instructors powering you along – low impact, and ideal for beginners


Our Indoor cycling classes push your cardio fitness with banging music, without the impact. All our Cycle and RPM instructors coach differently, so find your favourite!


Perfect for strengthening deep core muscles in your back and stomach, using slow movements and breath to increase the intensity. Ideal for those recovering from injuries or supporting their overall fitness.

Aqua Fit

A fun cardio class with none of the impact, toning the whole body using the resistance of water. Instructors keep the workout varied and challenging using aqua equipment

Yin Yoga

Poses are held for around 3 minutes, using comforting supports including bolsters, blocks and mats to support flexibility level and stretch muscle fascia. Warm comfortable clothing ideal, bring blankets/cushions if desired

Body Balance

A calming combination of Flow Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, building flexibility and strength set to beautiful music. Suitable for all abilities and during pregnancy.


Tone is the perfect mix of cardio, toning and core training with great music and a huge variety of exercises. Suitable for all abilities (14+)

Wake Up Yoga

An early morning Hatha/ Flow inspired Yoga incorporating stretches, flowing poses and breathing exercises, setting you up for the day. Suitable for all abilities