Boxercise fuses a group cardio workout with pumping music, followed by a boxing and fitness circuit for great results


Low impact cardio and toning exercises using light weights and body weight exercises, targeting the legs, bum and tummy. Suitable for all abilities.

Campus Circuits

An outdoor circuits class on campus, with a balanced mixture of strength and cardio, tailored to your fitness level. Meet in S&F Reception


Strengthening and toning exercises for your mid-section using your body weight and clear, straightforward exercise combinations 

Weights & Conditioning

Full body strengthening, body-weight and equipment-based class utilising hand weights, bars, kettlebells and more. Class structure specific to each instructor

Body Balance

A calming combination of Flow Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, building flexibility and strength set to beautiful music. Suitable for all abilities and during pregnancy.


Tone is the perfect mix of cardio, toning and core training with great music and a huge variety of exercises. Suitable for all abilities (14+)

Body Pump

Perfect for beginners and those pushing their strength – each music track focusses on a different muscle group, using weight plates and bar, utilising squats, deadlifts, presses, curls, rows and more!