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Develop your mind and body…

We have a huge range of classes to help you build strength, endurance, flexibility, or to relax and unwind, all whilst in a fun and social setting in one of our 5 studios. Our expert instructors deliver an extensive variety of classes suitable for all ages and all abilities. So whenever you’re ready to sweat it, shake it or stretch it, we have the class for you.


See the full class timetable.

Never get bored with more than 150 classes per week!

See the full class timetable.


Perfect for those new to indoor cycling, take this workout at your pace with experienced instructors, who will help with essentials of bike set up. All our cycle classes are a great workout with minimum impact on your joints.

This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and agility exercises. Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals. Fitness has never been more fun!

A high-energy, martial arts inspired work out that is completely non-contact. Moves are inspired from Karate, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Boxing and Kung Fu. Punch and kick your way to fitness, releasing stress and burning calories at the same time!

Combine basic stepping with moves like burpees, push ups and weight plate exercises to work the upper body.

An instructor led circuits class in and around the University campus. A balanced mixture of strength and cardio, tailored to your fitness level.

Our Boxercise classes combine a group cardio workout to pumping music to begin, with a boxing style cross training! It combines boxing & cardio drills in an energetic environment. It’s non-contact and is a great stress reliever.

The perfect interval class. You’ll find your mobility, strength and stamina improve, along with amazing cardio benefits. With the use of a wide range of equipment and stations lasting 45 seconds on average, you won’t get bored!

An indoor cycling class set in our Cycle Studio with enthusiastic instructors powering you along.

Classic Body Step with fun routines, great music and an energetic instructor! Lots of options to get you through the workout no matter your ability. The perfect opportunity to show off your rhythm and flair or just have fun stepping!

A cycling workout that delivers maximum results with minimum impact on your joints. Tune in to some great music as your instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. You control your own resistance levels and speed so you can build up your fitness level over time.


Focusing on strengthening and toning exercises for your mid-section using your bodyweight and equipment.

The original barbell workout that challenges all your major muscle groups by using squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, with supportive and thorough instructors – the perfect class to build lean muscle. You chose your own weights, and get results – fast!

A 30 minute core work out, where all the moves have options, so it’s challenging but achievable for your own level of fitness. Trained instructors guide you through correct technique as you work with resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises like crunches, and hovers. You will also get into some hip, glute and lower back exercises.

Sculpts and tones your body using equipment, light weights and body weight exercises, targeting the legs, bum and tummy.

Tone is the optimal mix of cardio, toning and core training. It is one of the safest and most effective workouts available.


A cardio dance workout that sets you free! An addictive fusion of the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds, where the emphasis is as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat. Funky instructors teach you to move with attitude through this 55-minute class.

A fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout – no dance experience required! Encouraging instructors and fun music will make you forget your exercising! For all ages and abilities.

Combining Latin and international music with dance. It`s extremely fun and fast!

An amazingly fun combination of Zumba and Step that tones and strengthens your legs, improving your cardio fitness with all the added flair of Zumba.


A 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, designed to improve fitness fast and build lean muscle. This workout uses barbell, weight plates and body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups with the Cardio, Strength and Plyometric variations. Inspirational coaches will be down on the floor with you, motivating you to do more than you thought possible, with short sharp blasts of work interchanged with much-needed recoveries.

Designed for beginners to develop their knowledge about free weights and the benefits, utilising key moves such as deadlifts, squats and presses.

 A HIIT workout on a bike with rapid results and minimal joint impact. Periods of recovery are alternated with bursts of intense speed, strength and power training to push your limits. HIIT has been proven to increase your fitness and cardio capacity fast, keeping you burning calories for hours after!

Designed to develop and improve strength in a small group environment, utilising key moves such as deadlifts, squats and presses.

A High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class delivers a full body workout in an extremely efficient amount of time, using varied equipment such as plyometric boxes, battle ropes and slam/medicine balls, which will take your fitness to the next level.

Exclusively for women wanting to learn about using barbells to improve fitness, strength and body composition. Taught in a specialist performance gym, the class is a great way to start developing knowledge about free weights and the benefits!


Body Balance is a combination of yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. It builds flexibility and strength, leaving you feeling centred and calm. Controlled breathing through a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a great holistic workout.

Pilates teaches awareness of breath and alignment of the spine aiming to strengthen your deep core muscles of the back and stomach. Pilates is great for aiding injury recovery. By the end of the class, you will find yourself more centred, controlled and focussed.

A great introduction to Hatha Yoga with some light Pilates – perfect for newcomers, those returning to exercise or looking to develop their practice further.

A great introduction to Hatha Yoga exclusively for women, with some light Pilates – perfect for newcomers, those returning to exercise or looking to develop their practice further. Led by an experienced female instructor.

Iyengar Yoga will introduce you to a range of yoga postures, some of which are strenuous, others relaxing but the instructor will always encourage you to go at your own pace. The class provides demonstration, instruction and feedback as well as aiding equipment such as blocks to help those new to yoga.

An early morning Hatha incorporating steady paced stretching, poses and breathing exercisers, setting you up for the day. Great for all abilities.

Hatha incorporates steady paced stretching, poses and breathing exercises. The main aim is to integrate the practitioner’s body, mind & spirit, through postures, meditation & physical exercises. Perfect for all abilities.

Encouraging instructors help you to co-ordinate breath and flow of movement between poses. A great way to improve fitness, flexibility and wellbeing. Perfect for beginners and those already used to yoga poses.

An energising and balanced class for all abilities, focusing on the connection between breath and posture, this class will allow you to improve your strength, flexibility and stamina.

A vigorous and athletic style of yoga, which involves synchronising the breath with a progressive series of postures. The advanced classes are a natural progression, working with a handstand/headstand specialist.

A dedicated class for those wanting to focus on their handstand practice to improve your core strength, alongside our resident handstand expert Robin.


Aqua Fit combines the benefits of moving in water with a challenging interval-based class to help you get fitter and tone all major muscle groups. This 45 minute class is perfect for all ages and abilities, also suitable during pregnancy.

Aqua Natal is a blend of relaxation, exercise and fun for mums-to-be.

Lane swimming which aims to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness through swimming! Each session will work on different strokes, distances and pace. Participants should be able to swim 200m of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

*For ages 16+


Climbing Taster Sessions

Discover a new dimension to keeping fit with the 10m climbing wall at Sport & Fitness.

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