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Develop new skills, find new passions

Set yourself a new challenge to Try A Sport. You will learn new skills, meet new training partners and hopefully discover your new sporting passion!

With lots of sports to choose from, these courses are the perfect way to add variety to your workout routine. Equipment will be provided, all you need to bring is the motivation to discover, develop and achieve.

All sports are taught by experienced instructors who will tailor the progression to your pace. The courses run during University term time only, but they are available to all adult members and non-members, so whether you’re a student, staff or community member you can try a new sport at Sport & Fitness.

Look out for our Autumn 2017 timetable – coming soon!

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Try A Sport is the perfect way to get involved in many different sports

Course Descriptions – Summer 2017

Badminton – Beginners is ideal if you are new to the sport.

Badminton involves rallying and volleying the shuttlecock over a net in order to outwit the opponent.

The course will teach basic rules and techniques to allow game play.

Badminton – Intermediate is perfect for those who have played before and wish to improve.

The course will also help increase endurance and both physical and mental stamina, as well as reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Boxing is a combat sport taught within a safe environment and teaches valuable technique and discipline.

It builds strength and cardiovascular endurance as well as self-esteem. It is great for increasing fitness, stamina, agility and strength and will challenge you to new limits!

Learn the basics to boxing techniques – enjoyed by both males and females.

Kickboxing is a great way to learn self-defence whilst improving balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina.

This course teaches you a combination of martial arts techniques and athletic drills and will strengthen and tone your whole body.

Squash – Beginners is for those who have never played before or have just got started.

The course will teach the correct technique and basic skills to play the game.

Squash – Intermediate is ideal for those who have played some squash previously.

The course will cover racket skills, movement and tactics to help improve and take a player’s game to the next level.

Squash – Advanced is for experienced players looking to further improve their skills.

This course will enable players to follow set routines and conditioned practices, in addition to gaining full knowledge of all rules and becoming competent match players.

Volleyball is a popular, enjoyable team sport which will also build on body strength and cardiovascular fitness.

The course will teach fundamentals, strategy and technique covering passing, serving, spiking and setting.

For complete novices wishing to learn to ride a bike and to master the basics such as braking and cornering.

Bikes and helmets are available for anyone wishing to take part in this session.

This course will equip novice cyclists with the information and skills necessary for travelling by bike.

Theory and practical sessions will cover ensuring your bike is road worthy, cycling techniques, cycling safely on local roads and route planning.

Covers technical aspects of cycling, such as the use of specialist cycling shoes and pedals, drinking and eating whilst cycling, riding in a group and an advanced understanding of braking and gearing.

Participants should already be competent in the basics of braking, cornering and gear selection and will be required to provide all of their own equipment including pedals, shoes and
aero-bars (if owned).

Bikes must be fitted with a bottle cage complete with a bottle.

A technically focused one day course in the picturesque surroundings of Sutton Park. Positioning on the bike, climbing, descending, front wheel lifts and choosing the best line through a corner will be covered in the day.

Participants should already be competent in the basics of braking, cornering and gear selection.

Specialised bikes and cycling helmets are available for hire if required.

This level is for those with no prior experience of climbing indoors.

You will learn the basics of safe climbing on indoor walls, including correct fitting of a harness, how to tie into the rope, how to use a belay device and will learn and practice the basics of climbing movement.

By the end of this course, you will be competent in the use of the safety equipment for indoor climbing.

This level utilises the skills learned in the Beginners course and concentrates on maximising your climbing experience on bottom rope systems (your safety rope is always above you).

You will learn efficient climbing movement techniques, gain an understanding of the different hold types and their use, and how to ‘read’ a route as well as building confidence and stamina.

Some specific movement concepts will be coached appropriate to this level.

This level utilises the skills and experience gained through the Intermediate level and is for those who wish to progress to lead climbing, where you place your own safety
rope as you climb.

You will learn best practice for lead climbing and ‘dynamic’ lead belaying, learn to cope with falling on lead and gain an understanding of the most common errors associated with
lead climbing indoors.

Some advanced movement coaching will also be offered at this level.

All ages, all levels, at all times

If you are a current student or member of staff at the University of Birmingham you can also join our Intra Mural sport league.

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