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Club members 2016/17

Club members 2016/17

University of Birmingham Sport Swimming Club BUCS Championships 2011

University of Birmingham Sport Swimming Club BUCS Championships 2011

University of Birmingham Sport Swimming Club competing in the BUCS Championships 19.03.2011





The University of Birmingham Swimming Club offers a wide range of opportunities to swimmers of all abilities up to and including national level. We have 17.5 hours of pool time each week, with a good balance of long and short course sessions, together with strength and conditioning with dedicated coaches and sports science support. Swimming sessions are available seven days per week. The club is supported by our in house high performance centre (HPC) that includes sports scientists, sports psychologists and nutritionists. The club has three BUCS squads entering national, university, regional and local competitions throughout the year. There are development and fitness squads for those looking to improve their fitness levels, with the aim to moving from club level to a higher competitive swimming level. All squads receive excellent coaching from our full time Level 3 Head Coach Gary Humpage.

We are a very committed team that offer a fun competitive atmosphere, shown through our team strength and increasing success. The team has competed in BUCS Team finals no less than on 15 occasions in the past 17 years. Maintaining an atmosphere conductive to performance has enabled our swimmers to reach new heights whilst at university. Our team members excel within sport and academically. The club is very excited about the newly opened Sport and Fitness 50m pool and we look forward to increasing both performance and participation on all levels in the upcoming season.

How to get involved

The membership fees are Swimming high performance (£390), Swimming competition (£305), Swimming development (£225)  and Swimming fitness (£150). The trial and tater will be on 23/09 (12:30-14:30).

You can also find out how you can get involved with more swimming activities at Sport and Fitness.

Fitness, Friendship, Fun, Belonging, Achievement

3 skills this sport will give you:
Time Management
Team Spirit

Training times & venues

Training times depend on the squad.

All sessions take place in the Sport & Fitness Centre 50m pool.

Hi Performance Squad:

Monday AM: 07:00-08:45 (50m), Monday PM: 18:00-19:30 (25m)

Tuesday AM: 06:00-08:00 (25m)

Wednesday AM: 07:00-08:45 (50m), Wednesday PM: 13:30-15:00/15:15 (Sprint/Distance) (25m)

Thursday PM: 18:30-20:15 (50m)

Friday AM: 06:45-08:45 Distance Only (50m)

Saturday PM: 12:30-14:00/14:30 (Sprint/Distance) (25m)

Competitive Squad:

Tuesday AM: 06:00-08:00 (25m), Tuesday PM: 20:30-22:30 (50m)

Wednesday PM: 13:30-14:45 (25m)

Thursday PM: 18:30-20:15 (50m)

Friday AM: 06:45-08:45 (50m)

Saturday PM: 14:00-15:30 (25m)

Sunday PM: 16:30-18:30 (25m)

Development Squad:

Tuesday PM: 20:30-22:30 (50m)

Wednesday PM: 14:45-16:00 (25m)

Saturday PM: 12:30-14:00 (25m)

Sunday PM: 16:30-18:30 (25m)

Fitness Squad:

Wednesday PM: 15:00-16:00 (25m)

Saturday PM: 14:30-15:30 (25m)

Sunday PM: 16:30-17:30 OR 17:30-18:30 (25m)


Club highlight

  • First Team team 4th in Championship (1st) division BUCS Team Championships
  • Second team 3rd in Trophy (2nd) division. The 3rd team also competed in the competition.
  • BUCS National LC Birmingham won 4 medals (1 bronze and 3 para medals) – team placed 7th overall. Women’s team 4th overall
  • ASA Winter Meet 2016. Men’s 4 x 100 freestyle team 6th 3:25.20 Heats 3:24.44
  • Women’s 4 x 100 Medley 12th 4:17.01
  • Summer Nationals 2017 qualifiers across a variety of events including para swimming

Level of competition/participation:

Hi Performance Squad – BUCS Short Course Championships, BUCS Long Course Championships, BUCS Team Championships, ASA Winter Nationals, ASA Summer Championships, West Midland Swimming Championships, local open meets

Competitive Squad – BUCS Team Championships, West Midland Swimming Championships, Warwickshire County Championships, Manchester Inter University Competition, local open meets

Development Squad – Warwickshire County Championships, Manchester Inter University Competition, local open meets

Fitness Squad – no requirement to compete

Interesting facts

Our experienced head coach Gary Humpage has been head coach since 1996 after working as assistant coach for a two-year period, providing the structure that has enabled the club to go from strength to strength. His expertise has helped to develop a legendary team spirit that characterises the University of Birmingham Swimming Club, acknowledged as the best team support and spirit at BUCS Championships. We have a team of voluntary coaches who assist on a daily basis who can coach a lane of swimmers providing crucial support, feedback and encouragement.

The Swimming team regularly races against reigning World, European and Commonwealth Champions at all their major meets, thus giving us the opportunity to compare ourselves literally to the best in the World. We are very proud of the structure of our club and the spirit that runs deeply throughout the team with members supporting and encouraging each other positively in training and competition. The club also has a vibrant calendar of social events that are organised weekly for every member of the club, which creates an even stronger bond between our members.

Key contacts

Head Coach: Gary Humpage

Club Captains: Steve Wilson and Sarah Warwood