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Birmingham Archers Top at BUTTS Leg

With the New Year came more medals for the University of Birmingham Archery Club, as they took home 7 medals in the third BUTTS Leg of the indoor season.

Senior Category

The archers departed from Birmingham at 8am on Saturday the 20th January to make their way to Warwick. Despite their early start, the team brought along their A-game and came away with results to be proud of! The Gent Recurve category saw Sports Scholar Conor Hall winning his second Gold medal of the league with a score of 588/600. The Leg also saw the team’s male compound archer Sam Rees, take up his recurve bow to win a Bronze medal with a score of 576! Team captain, Jamal Rahman, finished in 7th place with a score of 562 and teammate Chris Avins finished in 9th place with 558.

The Lady Recurve category also had great success as Sports Scholar Eleanor Piper also won her second Gold medal scoring 582 and teammate Evelina D’Arcy came away with the Bronze medal with a score of 546!

Our alternative bowstyles archers had a lot of competition, as a total of 15 barebow archers competed, including 12 experienced archers in the category. Despite the league not separating the category into lady/gent and novice/experienced, Birmingham still succeeded. The Silver medal was won by Amelia Elgey scoring 485! Amelia topped the Lady Barebow category with her 3 teammates occupying the next 3 top placings. Pam Quilang was 2nd with a score of 455, Megan Salfairso was 3rd scoring 441 and India Wilson was 4th with 426. The team’s sole compound archer, Alice Cotton, also performed well, scoring 554.

Novice Category

This was the first leg that the novice recurve team attended with their new metal bows! Having previously trained and competed with wooden bows at the last two legs. The novice team have adapted well to their new bows, some having increased their draw poundage from 20lbs to 30lbs in the space of 3 months! The Leg saw novice Lady Recurve archer Heather Ford attaining her second Gold medal of the league with a score of 498 and novice Captain Imogen Mellor achieving Silver with a score of 479! Teammate Eleanor Naccarato finished 8th with a score of 312. The ladies novice barebow archer, Anna Barlow, finish in 3rd place with a score of 267!

The Gents also performed well with Alistair Stewart achieving a personal best with 515, narrowly missing the bronze by 4 points! Teammate Huw Thomas was a first timer to the league but achieved 5th place with a score of 482, Ed Hulbert was 7th scoring 454 and Saivan Khonji-Sajjadi was 14th with a score of 337.

Team Scores

The University of Birmingham won the Team Scores category, with a score of 2308 ahead of Warwick’s 2287! The Novices narrowly missed out on 1st place with a score of 1974, only 3 points behind Warwick with 1977!

With the next BUTTS leg being held in UoB’s very own Slater Hall, keep an eye out for the next match report to see how the toucans do on home turf! Check out the University of Birmingham Archery Club’s twitter feed for more information on their upcoming events.


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