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Birmingham’s Archers Bring Home Medals

On 11th November, the University of Birmingham Archery club attended their first BUTTS Leg of the year at Nottingham Trent University. A total of 18 archers attended the competition and completed a Portsmouth round, consisting of 60 arrows shot at a 60cm target from a distance of 20 yards. For some archers, it was to be their first ever Portsmouth score, let alone their first competition score! This did not put off Birmingham’s novice team as they went on to take home 5 out of the possible 6 Novice medals.

Experienced Archers

In the ladies’ recurve category, Sports Scholar Eleanor Piper made a star-studded debut to the BUTTS League claiming the Gold medal with a score of 574/600! Evelina D’Arcy finished in 4th place with a score of 549 also at her first BUTTS competition and Elisa Gradwohl finished 6th with a score of 521. Gent’s recurve saw Jamal Rahman as the Legs only Birmingham archer in the category finishing 6th with a score of 547.

In the alternate bowstyles, Birmingham continued their success. Compound archer Sam Rees achieved the silver medal with a score of 575 and ladies compound archer Alice Cotton topped her category with a score of 507. Ladies’ Barebow archer Amelia Elgey added to the medals winning gold with a competition personal best of 491! Barebow teammates India Wilson and Pam Quilang finished 4th and 5th respectively both scoring 429.

Novice Archers

After shooting for the first time in October, Birmingham’s novices attended their first competition against Warwick, Derby and Nottingham Trent. The novice team, having little practice of how a Portsmouth is run, seemed to settle in nicely even with a few equipment failures. The ladies’ novice category saw Imogen Mellor winning gold with 399 and Eleanor Naccarato winning silver with 370. Other notable perforances include Sarah Pokorny finishing in 4th with 360, Heather Ford in 5th with 270 and Sapna Ganesh in 7th with 193. The novice men claimed a clean sweep of the podium taking home all three medals with Ed Hulbert winning gold at 477, Alistair Stewart winning Silver at 458 and Saivan Khonji-Sajjadi winning bronze at 402.

“I was absolutely thrilled to win my first competition, it was a great way to validate the work I’ve put into archery so far. I had a few wobbles now and then, but we have a great team, so no one stay down in the dumps for long! Most of all, it was a great experience shooting side by side with some talented archers, from whom I could learn a lot from”
– Ed Hulbert, Novice Men’s Gold.

Overall the Birmingham experienced archers finished 4th with a score of 2191 behind Warwick’s 2316. Birmingham’s novices finished 2nd with a score of 1736 behind Nottingham’s 1765.

“After last year’s dominance our experienced result has revealed a few things to work on for the next leg, but our novices did everyone proud with a great start to the season! I’m excited to see how this year unfolds for the club!”
– Jamal Rahman, Team Captain.


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