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Judo Club Show Off their Potential in Sheffield

This weekend the University of Birmingham Judo Club attended the Kyu Grade Tournament at Sheffield University.

Sarah Didier was up first and in her first competition she gave an outstanding performance. The improvement between fights were noticeable and even the referees commended her determination and drive throughout the day. Although she missed out on a medal it was a fantastic effort and a positive experience to build from.

Ella Higginbotham was the second fighter up competing in the green and blue belt category. This was her first competition since returning to judo and she knew that it would be an uphill battle. However, Ella put each of her opponents under pressure and dragged her fights into full-time. Following on from a couple of smooth throws and groundwork she managed to secure the Bronze medal.

The final fighter up of the day was Phoebe Fryer who was fighting in the brown belt group. She ended up fighting in the 57kg category in order to maximise points towards her black belt. Using some effective throws and her strong groundwork techniques she managed to come away with the Gold medal in her category whilst also collecting points from the heavier category!

This competition has show some real potential within the squad and is very encouraging for future competitions, particularly the Warwick open, USIST and BUCS coming up in Term 2.


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