Massive Medal Haul for UoB Judo

UoB Judo’s second competition of the year took place in Warwick last week, with Phoebe Fryer, Amina Zarzi, Ella Higginbotham, Laura Coakley, Rachel Julia, Sarah Didier and Peter Fletcher all representing the club. The day started quickly with six out of seven fighters on the mat straight away.

Novice Women’s Competition

First up for the novice women was Laura, who was facing her first ever judo competition. She took on two opponents and gained one amazing victory and one unfortunate loss. However, the other two girls in her pool also got this result so the pool was repeated. Laura fought brilliantly in the repeated rounds and won the Gold medal!

Next up was the second of the novice women, Rachel, who was also new to competing. Despite coming out of her fights with some black and blue bruises, Rachel managed to secure one great win out of her three fights. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and hopefully will be carried forward to her next competition.

The final novice woman to fight was Sarah, who returned to competing after the Sheffield competition last December. She started strong with three quick wins but ended up in a similar situation or Laura; tied with two other girls at the top, so she fought again. After another win and a close loss, Sarah came home with Silver.

Men’s Competition

Next up was our only male competitor, Peter, who was returning to competing after many years without practicing judo. Peter fought in the intermediate pool where he was fighting people that were up to two grades higher than himself. He faced some really tough fights but his efforts paid and he won Bronze.

Open Women’s Competition

Ella was unfortunate as there were no other competitors in the intermediate pool, therefore she decided to enter herself into the women’s open pool. This meant that she was fighting higher grade competitors. However, this did not dampen her spirits and despite having less experience than her opponents, she won a fight by a successful submission and won Bronze!

Our first higher grade women’s fighter was Phoebe, who was fighting to gain more points towards her black belt. She started with some great throws and won two out of four fights meaning she came home with a Silver medal. Feeling confident in her performance, Phoebe took the opportunity to get more fights in by entering in the women’s open pools. Phoebe won a further three fights and a second medal, this time Bronze. Throughout all her fights, Phoebe gained a very impressive thirty points which now means that she is halfway to achieving her black belt! This was a great result for Phoebe to take forward to her next competition, which is set to be BUCS Nationals in a week’s time.

The final fighter of the day was Amina, who was a strong contender in the higher grade women’s pools. She faced some really challenging fights and still achieved a Bronze medal after a big win. Amina also was eager to carry on and so fought in the women’s open. She really got into her stride and managed to win an amazing four fights with only one loss! As a result she also came home with two medals, the second of which was Silver.

Overall, it was a very successful day for the UoB Judo Club who raked in a massive total of 8 medals! Everyone gained some invaluable experience whilst also having fun and facing challenges head on. The club are looking strong for future competitions and would like to thank the University of Warwick for hosting such a successful event. For regular updates on the Judo club’s activities check out their Twitter page here.


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