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Ninjutsu Success in Japan

University of Birmingham Ninjutsu club members Charlie Smith, Daniel Franco and Nic Hale recently travelled to Japan to train at the heart of Bujinkan Organization. After a week of intensive training with top Bujinkan masters, Charlie and Daniel were allowed to take an exam which would earn them a Godan – a 5th Dan Black Belt.

The exam was hard, tiring and sometimes even painful. Every mistake in technique execution would be severely punished by the instructor. Nonetheless, Charlie and Dan passed the exam and have successfully earned a 5th Dan Black Belt. Dan and Charlie are now the most highly graded members at the University of Birmingham in Ninjutsu. They now have an official right to grade our members at the University. This is a huge achievement for the Ninjutsu Club and something they can be extremely proud of.

The rest of the club are now looking forward to learning techniques straight from Japan!


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