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Women’s Fencing Maintain Winning Streak

The Women’s 1sts Fencing team went into their fixture against Worcester with four wins from four, and despite a few notable injuries were able to come away with an impressive 131-92 victory in the Midlands 1A League.

Their final match of the term was an important one as the team had not yet lost any of their matches. Nerves were higher than might be expected, however, as one of the team’s key members was not there. The epee was the first weapon of the day and was won comfortably, followed by the second weapon, foil, where again the team amassed a big lead. That just left the sabre, which is where the team had their reserve in play who put in an amazing performance given the circumstances. Fortunately, thanks to an impressive start, the team only needed to accumulate 4 points out of 45 to enable them to win the whole match, even if they failed to win this weapon. To make matters trickier, the Worcester team had a Great British athlete in their ranks that caused a stirring throughout the Birmingham side. However, the team help their ground throughout and although they didn’t win this weapon they still got a very commendable 42 points!

This impressive feat meant that Birmingham ended up winning convincingly 132-92. Going into the Christmas break, the team are now top of their league with a clean slate and a large gap between themselves and the chasing pack. This term the team have also progressed into the next round of the cup, so have even more to play for for next term and will hope this winning streak continues!


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