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Member Spotlight: Andrew Ward, GB Powerlifter

Member Spotlight: Andrew Ward, GB Powerlifter

Alumni and community member, Andrew Ward, has been using our Sports & Fitness centre since we first opened back in 2017! Securing fourth place in the Bench Press World Championships 2022, the hard work begins here training for competitions and competing, alongside his active lifestyle.


Andrew has been powerlifting for nearly a decade and has an impressive competition history. From winning the IPF British Bench Press Championships three times, to competing twice at the World Championships representing Great Britain, he has been making history!

Andrew Ward in first place on the podium for the Benchpress World Championships


Graduating in 2010 with a degree in Computer Science and Business Management, Andrew has gone on to run a software development agency published his own tech book in 2022, and has his own webpage!


It’s safe to say that Andrew has an exciting future ahead of him, after already accomplishing such amazing things within the sport and business fields. He plans to continue powerlifting, with a goal of longevity in his sport. We feel great pride that he chooses to train at the University gym and utilises our extensive range of equipment to help him perform.


Check out Andrew’s intensive training routine in action!


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