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UoB Dual Career Accreditation Renewed


We continue to lead the way in dual career support to high performance athletes in education, after having our Dual Career Accreditation successfully renewed for the third year.


The TASS Dual Career Accreditation Scheme recognises and promotes an education institution’s commitment to providing comprehensive dual career support for high performance student-athletes and acknowledges an enhanced level of academic flexibility and understanding within an institution.

Accredited sites are awarded on their ability to support talented sportspeople find and manage the optimum balance between their – often hectic and challenging – sport and academic schedules, to maximise their potential and gain success in both.

Referenced within Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson’s “Duty of Care in Sport” review (published in April 2017), the Accreditation evidences that a college or University has the ability to support students following a dual career route. In support of the scheme, she said:

“I believe we have a duty to help young people to achieve their potential, whilst prioritising their welfare, wellbeing and education. For me, the TASS Dual Career Accreditation Scheme is a vitally important measure to ensuring all athletes have the chance to pursue an education and enjoy a more well-rounded approach to life.”

This accreditation directly aligns with our objective of maintaining our position as one of the leading destinations of choice for dual career success and we are incredibly proud to have retained this prestigious status for the third year running.


Depending on the circumstances, this may mean that student-athletes supported by our Elite Dual Career Athlete Pathway (EDCAP) sport scholarship programme have increased opportunity to be considered for further academic flexibility, from access to online notes and/or resources, to deadline extensions and rescheduled exams.


In addition to this, the accreditation supports the creation and maintenance of the huge number of collaborative partnerships that currently exist across the University between academic and sport personnel.

Current EDCAP Scholar Yasmin Javadian (above) says:


“Without the incredible dual career support provided at UoB, I don’t think I would have ever been able to successfully balance my full-time Dentistry degree alongside becoming a 2022 Commonwealth Games medallist – as far as I’m concerned, the support I’ve gained through both my course and the EDCAP programme is second to none and I’ll always be grateful that I’ve had access to it throughout such a vital time in my competitive career.”

Sport Scholarships Manager Hugh Sproston says:


“We’re incredibly proud to have our accredited status renewed. The ever-rising standard of our sport scholars comes hand in hand with increased demands to somehow balance full-time education with elite sport. This accreditation demonstrates the Unviersity’s commitment to dual career support for our student-athletes, supporting them to excel both academically and within their sport. This is never more relevant than in an academic year leading into an Olympics, and we hope to see a number of current students competing in Paris, along with a host of alumni!”



TASS’ National Director Guy Taylor says:


“Dual career support is at the forefront of what TASS does and that’s why the Accreditation Scheme is so important for us in recognising those institutions who place precedence on their athletes’ education too. We hope that the academic flexibility policies put into place for the Accreditation will begin to develop an effective and lasting dual career structure within each institution.”