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Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

The 50m swimming pool at University of Birmingham Sport & Fitness is a hub of activity: improving health, fitness and swimming ability in all ages. Half of the pool has a moveable floor to enable shallower water for junior members, swimming lessons and less confident swimmers.


Our pool has been designed and timetabled to ensure there are always lanes available for members to swim, therefore your swimming membership is never limited. 

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Join now to make the most of Birmingham’s first 50m pool, where the lanes are always available for you. 


Membership at Sport & Fitness allows you access to the pool with a variety of sessions that cater for all.


Your membership also includes use of the steam room and sauna to relax pre- or post- swim.


Only those with a membership are permitted to use the pool. 


Please note: Visitors to the pool must bring their own clean, indoor footwear, or purchase reusable flip-flips from Reception to wear around the pool. You are also welcome in bare feet.

Female swimming in the pool

Junior Swimming

Three juniors and two members of staff sat on the side of the pool

Junior Swimming Lessons

  • Sport & Fitness Members £62 (10 lessons)
  • Non-member £78 (10 lessons)

Our teachers are dedicated to providing a friendly, inclusive environment, teaching the Swim England Learn to Swim pathway.


Please note, we currently have a large waiting list for swimming lessons. You will have a response from the team within six weeks. 


By submitting this form, I agree to UoB Sport & Fitness contacting me for the purpose outlined on this form, and that my details will be kept, stored, and used in line with our Privacy Policy, which can be found in the footer of the Sport & Fitness website. You are agreeing that the University may contact you via email, telephone or SMS. You will have the right to change your mind and withdraw consent at any time. By submitting this data, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

Please provide your child’s full name

Please provide your child’s date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY)

Please select the most applicable option

This can be found on your membership card

Please provide a valid email address

Please provide a landline or mobile number

Please select the level of the swimmer. If you are unsure, we will assess each child during their first lesson to ensure the stage is right for them, or you can look at the expected outcomes of each Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway stage: www.swimming.org/learntoswim/asa-learn-to-swim-awards-1-7/

Does the swimmer suffer from any medical/behavioural conditions or disability?

Please include details on how any medical conditions affect the child’s swimming/behaviour and if there is any additional support required.

Please include their name and member ID

In the event of any emergency, if I cannot be reached, I hereby give my consent for my child to be transported to hospital and/or given any medical, surgical or dental treatment. In the event of an accident I hereby give my consent for a trained member of staff to administer first aid. I will advise the Swimming Teacher as soon as possible of any change in circumstances as detailed on this form.

I agree to comply with UoB Sport & Fitness’s Conditions of Use. These can be found in the footer of the UoB Sport & Fitness website.

female swimming underwater through a hoop

School Swimming

Sport & Fitness offers a pioneering experience for school swimming lessons. We will help children become competent swimmers and confident in the water. Our mission is for children to enjoy swimming and create a pathway for them to participate outside of school.

Prices start from £105 for 30 children.

Home Portal

To top up your swimming lessons or to check your progress on your lesson, please login to the home portal.

Adult Swimming Lessons

  • Member / Staff / Student £72 (10 lessons)
Male teacher demonstrating a stroke to 5 adults in the pool
  • Beginners (Level 1)

This first stage requires no previous swimming experience. It will work on increasing water confidence, and and introduce swimming on your front and back. Lessons take place at 1.2m depth and learners will leave being able to swim 10-15m without aids.

  • Intermediate (Level 2)

For those who can swim 10-15m of Front Crawl, Backstroke or Breaststroke. It will introduce front crawl, with rhythmical breathing, backstroke, and breaststroke. Breaststroke may be introduced. Lessons take place in 1.2m depth, but our instructors will begin to make you confident in deep water.

  • Improvers (Level 3)

Taking place in the deep end of the pool (2.0m deep), these lessons will work on improving technique in Front Crawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke. Butterfly may be introduced. It will work on increasing stamina and swimming up to 400m.

  • Master Swimming (Level 4)

These lessons are for advanced swimmers, continuing work on all four strokes, and equipping you with the skills to compete in events. Perfect for those preparing for a triathlon, open water swimming or wanting to join a masters swimming club.


  • Monday – 6.15pm
  • Wednesday – 3.05pm, 6.30pm
  • Saturday – 11.35am, 12.25pm
  • Sunday – 11.30am


  • Wednesday – 6.30pm
  • Friday – 3.05pm
  • Saturday – 12.25pm
  • Sunday – 10.45am


  • Tuesday – 7.30am
  • Sunday – 10.00am


  • Wednesday – 6.15pm (1 hour long)

Apply here

Priority is given to current members of Sport & Fitness. Without a valid ID number, you will not be given priority.

Please select the level of the swimmer. If you are unsure, we offer assessment days to ensure everyone attends the lesson that is right for them.

Please note, this information will be safely stored in our records and shared with our lesson teachers for your safety.

Please include details on how any medical conditions affect swimming/behaviour and if there is any additional support required.

Can’t find a lesson time that works for you? Send an email to our swimming team on:
[email protected] to register your interest!

Aqua Classes

Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit combines all the benefits of moving in water with a fun and challenging interval-based class to help you get fitter and tone all major muscle groups. This 45 minute class is perfect for all ages and abilities. Also suitable for women in their pregnancy or those recovering from injury.

Swim Fitness

Swim Fitness is an instructor led lane swimming class which aims to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness through swimming! Each session will work on different strokes, distances and pace. Participants should be able to swim 200m of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

Aqua Natal

Aqua Natal is a blend of relaxation, exercise and fun for mums-to-be. An expert instructor will guide you through light exercises to help prepare the body for labour, whilst relaxation and breathing will contribute to your overall wellbeing. This class is also a great opportunity to meet other parents. Please note, parking is included with your Aqua Natal session. Please ensure you get your parking ticket validated at reception before leaving Sport and Fitness.
Two women standing in the pool during an aqua class

Pool Etiquette

    • Children aged 2 and under – 1 adult : 1 child (The adult must be within reach of the child at all times)
    • Children aged 3 to 13 – 1 adult : 2 children; (The adult must directly supervise both children at all times)
    • Children aged 14 and over may swim unsupervised
    • Strong swimmers aged 8 to 13 can complete a competency test which may allow them to swim unsupervised in the water (supervision is still required on poolside)

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