Four members of the UoB Sport & Fitness team sit on a bench in the Green Heart at UoB, holding the Platinum awardCategoriesFacility News Student News

UoB Sport & Fitness wins top sustainability award

UoB Sport & Fitness wins top sustainability award

The team behind sustainability changes at UoB Sport & Fitness recently won the Platinum award for the United-Nations-recognised sustainability programme, Green Impact.

The team at UoB Sport & Fitness have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to improve the sustainability and social responsibility of our business, facilities and practises. Last week, that effort was rewarded at the Green Impact Awards event, with the highest accolade available – the Platinum award.

Our journey to achieving the prestigious Platinum Award for Green Impact was marked by a series of innovative and engaging initiatives that successfully raised awareness about environmental issues and fostered sustainable practises within our community. We achieved these through a number of initiatives, many collaborating with University departments such as Accommodation and Winterbourne House.

Four staff members stand in a line with arms round each other, holding the grey slate award, which reads 'Platinum Award'

Highlights include:

  • A student-led litter pick along the canal, promoting responsible waste disposal.
  • Organizing themed lunch clubs to encourage eco-friendly meal choices and recipe sharing.
  • Installing water and electricity stickers in bathrooms and kitchens, emphasizing the importance of conservation.
  • A hedgehog bake sale, raising £281 for a local rescue and highlighting the impact of habitat loss.
  • Hosting a Green Impact quiz, educating participants on everyday contributors to CO2 levels.
  • Crafting and installing bee hotels to support declining bee populations and promote biodiversity.
  • Transforming wasteland areas next to offices into diverse habitats, providing safe havens for various species.
  • Committing to the BUCS Sustainable Travel Charter, promoting eco-friendly travel options for sports clubs and minimizing unnecessary travel. 
Sport & Fitness female staff member wears black gloves and holds a curled-up hedgehog in her hands
Group of staff and students in high-vis jackets standing in front of the archway of Old Joe, holding litter-picking grabbers
Chris and Andy from the UoB Sport & Fitness Green Impact team hold the Platinum award to the camera and smile

Through these diverse initiatives and our commitment to sustainable practices, we inspired our community to adopt more environmentally conscious habits, creating a lasting, positive impact on our environment. Thank you to everyone who helped embrace our new initiatives and volunteered, baked, picked litter, and so much more.


However, we aren’t stopping there! We are still working on a number of sustainable projects, including installing LED floodlights at our Metchley pitches, working with Accommodation to start ‘Garden Gyms’, and work on continuing projects such as trainer recycling and sports equipment swap shops. 

If you have any ideas regarding sustainability practises at the University of Birmingham, please contact the sustainability team ([email protected]).