Sport and Fitness


Gym Etiquette

  • Bring a towel and your ID card. 
  • Please use your towel to sit or lie on when using the equipment. 
  • Sanitiser wipes are available for you to wipe down the equipment.
  • All bags and loose clothing should be secured within a locker.
  • Please wear appropriate gym clothing. 
  • Please keep footwear on at all times. 
  • There is a 20 minute limit on all cardiovascular equipment during busy periods.
  • Please only use one piece of kit at a time and share equipment during busy periods.
  • Please return all equipment back to its allocated storage position. 
  • Please use walkways and avoid walking across the lifting platforms. 
  • Clips must be used on bars all the time. 
  • Do not leave any used equipment out on the floor. 
  • Please do not block the fire exits and walk ways. 

Pool Etiquette

  • All swimmers must shower before using the swimming pool.
  • No outdoor footwear allowed on poolside or changing area.
  • No glass-lensed spectacles to be worn – we recommend prescription goggles as an alternative.
  • The use of mobile phones/tablets/recording devices is not allowed in the pool area or changing areas.
  • All bags must be stored in a locker whilst swimming
    Children under 4 years of age must wear a swimming nappy
  • Soft hand paddles are permitted in the following ratios: 25-metre sessions = 4 per lane and 50-metre sessions = 8 per lane
  • Junior to adult ratios:
    – Children aged 2 and under – 1 adult : 1 child (The adult must be within reach of the child at all times)
    – Children aged 3 to 13 – 1 adult : 2 children; (The adult must directly supervise both children at all times)
    – Children aged 14 and over may swim unsupervised
    – Strong swimmers aged 8 to 13 can complete a competency test which may allow them to swim unsupervised in the water (supervision is still required on poolside)

Sauna and Steam Room Etiquette

Please do:

  • Remove all jewellery before entering
  • Sit on a towel and wear appropriate swimwear at all times
  • Close the door quickly behind you when entering or leaving
  • Hydrate regularly
  • Respect other users by maintaining a quiet and relaxing space
  • Shower before and after use
  • Leave when asked to do so by a member of staff

Please don’t:

  • Use the sauna and steam room for more than 15 minutes at a time
  • Exceed more than 12 people at a time
  • Carry or use any mobile devices
  • Use any kind of oils or essence
  • Shave or groom

You should not use the sauna and steam room if you:

  • Are under the age of 16
  • Are pregnant
  • Have a serious illness, high or low blood pressure or a respiratory condition which may affect your reaction to heat
  • Have a contagious disease, infectious skin condition, open sores or wounds
  • Have an illness causing an inability to perspire
  • Are under the influence of alcohol or drug