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Skiing & Snowboarding


Brumski is the University of Birmingham’s Ski and Snowboard sports team and society. Representing the University’s official snow sports squad and the largest and most active society, we have over 800 members, constantly tearing up the dry slopes of the UK and the pistes of the Alps. 


We offer weekly race training and freestyle training for a wide variety of abilities and compete in national events.


We compete in dual slalom and individual slalom events in regional and national competitions – on snow and on dry slopes. In terms of freestyle we compete and national events in Edinburgh and Milton Keynes.


The Dryslope Championships in early November are held at Hill End in Edinburgh. This is by far the highlight of our competitive calendar. It can almost be described as a snow sports festival and is just as fun to watch as to compete in! Ask any of our committee about this event for more info as places are only available for a limited time!


We compete in two BUCs competitions a year as well as several regional competitions. In all BUCs competitions there is the opportunity to compete as an individual and our 1st and 2nd teams compete in duals (only 1st for snowboarders).