Nutrition is a key aspect for both an athlete’s health and their sports performance. Our sports nutrition support aims to educate athletes and teams to ensure that they are well fuelled for training sessions, recovering well afterwards and staying healthy.

We translate scientific information into easy to understand, practical advice through a variety of media which we share with athletes and teams. This includes our Instagram page (@ubsportnutrition) which acts as a great resource and engages athletes with support.

two sports scholars wearing blue t-shirts looking towards the camera
Our main focus is to provide athletes with the necessary information and skills to be able to make the right nutrition decisions for both their health and performance. The key priorities of our nutrition support are to tailor support to the specific needs of individual athletes and teams, using a food-first approach, up-skill athletes to give them the necessary skills for their future careers as they transition from a junior level to a senior level, and integrate support as part of a multi-disciplinary team approach with the athlete/team at the centre.
Scholars are provided with individual nutrition support, which is tailored to their specific needs. This is provided through 1:1 consultations with our Lead Sports Nutritionist. Scholars have access to a range of testing and tools which help to individualise their nutrition support. For example, ISAK body composition analysis, resting metabolic rate testing, food diary analysis and training/competition observations. Group workshops are also provided for scholars throughout the academic term.
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Rachel Chesters smiling


Lead Performance Nutritionist

Rachel provides performance nutrition support and education to scholarship athletes and performance teams at UBSport, to ensure that athletes are well fuelled for training sessions, recovering well afterwards and staying healthy throughout. This is provided primarily through 1:1 sessions, group practical workshops, cooking sessions and by providing resources.