Wednesday 18 May


Sports Awards is back in the Bramall for a celebration of the highlights from the 2021-22 academic year.


Nominations are now open for all categories, make sure you submit yours by Wednesday 20 April. 


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Wednesday 18 May 

4.30 – 5.30pm


Sport Colours are non-performance-based and awarded to individuals based on a member’s contribution beyond their established role, going over and above for their sport or for sport across the University. Nomination forms must demonstrate how the individuals have gone beyond their current role, with suggested areas below, and should include examples to demonstrate how they have met the criteria.


Please note Sport Colours are only awarded once.

  • Instrumental in the day to day running of the club.
  • A contribution to the club’s development and growth
  • Acting as an exemplary role model for other students
  • Promoting the club and its activities
  • Instrumental in implementing UoB Sport & Fitness policies and encouraging good practice (e.g. in health & safety)

Half Blues

An award based on the individual’s level of performance. Please note Half Blues are only awarded once.


Candidates must meet at least one of the below:

  • Has been awarded a BUCS* Individual medal
  • Has been awarded a BUCS* team Championship (i.e. not Trophy or Shield) gold medal

* A non-BUCS equivalent at the highest level is also accepted, e.g. senior-level representation

Coach of the Year

For the person, student or non-student who is regarded as having made the most outstanding contribution to club sport through their role as a coach. This may be evidenced through:


  • performance, progression and/or commitment:
  • works with the club committee to direct the development of the club
  • assists club member’s personal development
  • contributes to the club’s and/or individuals’ excellent performance in competition

Full Blues

An award based on the individual’s level of performance. Candidates should have competed in BUCS competitions where possible and must meet at least one of the below:


  • Has competed internationally for/whilst studying at the University of Birmingham
  • Has made an outstanding contribution to HE Sport on an international level


International representation refers to full representation – being involved in a tour squad will not be accepted. Nominations go to a panel to be considered – you should not presume an award will be made based on submission of the form. Please note Full Blues are only awarded once.


If there is any confusion as to which representative award an individual is eligible for then please contact [email protected] detailing all of the achievements made by the individual.

Club of the Year

This award is based on the success in all areas of a club, which can include but is not limited to:


  • Club Committee Achievements
  • Performance/ Sporting Achievements
  • Developments and innovation within the club
  • Member engagement
  • Connection with the wider sporting community (internally and externally)


Clubs will need to demonstrate the impact that has been made – e.g. rather than saying something was ‘really good’, state what made it really good in numbers and feedback. Use examples, photos, screenshot and anecdotes to illustrate the success of the club.

Team of the Year

This must be either the club’s first team or highest ranked team. Specify the achievements of the team during the year and include any individual achievements who were members of that team e.g. selection for World University Games, Home Nations. Team performance can be in BUCS or non-BUCS competition.


BUCS team finalists/ number of individual finalists

  • Number of club members selected to represent at international competition
  • Development as a performance team/ sustaining champion status
  • Statistics on the season or competition in comparison to previous years and in relation to scale (e.g. number two university team at a National level)


 Please indicate club’s results from previous years when these consolidate the club’s achievement.

Volunteer of the Year

This Award recognises individuals who have committed themselves to a cause, activity, or event for the greater good of their club, University, or wider community.


They have consistently dedicated their time and effort in a selfless manner to help others succeed in their goals, overcome challenges, and undertake tasks by making valuable contributions that have positive impact.

Pride Award

This award will acknowledge and celebrate the diversity and inclusion of sport within our clubs.


The subject of the nomination form should correlate to the successful implementation of your club’s development plan and objectives to improve equality and diversity within your club.


Examples could include:

  • Invite elite level athlete from a diverse background to deliver a training session and to speak at an open event
  • Actively engaging underrepresented groups in sport and widening participation
  • Exploring ways to engage hard-to-reach groups of students
  • Working in partnership with societies to deliver impact through events, campaigns or initiatives
  • Organise a joint-taster session with BAME/LGBT during Black /LGBT+ History Months
  • Actively engaging in University-wide (inc. Guild of Students) campaigns throughout the year (e.g. Not On Campaign)

Outstanding Contribution

This award is for outstanding contribution towards UoB Sport & Fitness. The contribution can be towards any area of UoB Sport & Fitness and should not be limited to club activity.


Please list any significant achievements by the individual or ways in which they have contributed towards the improvement of UoB Sport & Fitness, listing all instances where they have gone beyond the call of duty.

Sports person of the Year

The highest individual accolade awarded by University of Birmingham in recognition of the very highest sporting level. The individual must:


  • Hold GB/National Ranking or equivalent
  • Be a student at the University of Birmingham undergoing at least 60 credits

What makes a good nomination

  • Give clear evidence and examples, general statements like ‘they’re reliable and enthusiastic’ don’t tell the judges enough.
  • Read the award criteria several times and make sure your nomination gives specific examples relating to the criteria.
  • Be honest; all information you give must be accurate and true.
  • Keep your nomination concise and relevant.
  • Submit by the deadline! That means before midnight on Wednesday 20 April 2022.