Level Up Workshops

Gym Workshops

Our qualified instructors offer expert analysis to refine your technique and boost your confidence. 

Explore our full range of gym workshops to elevate your skills whilst in the gym.

Assessment Workshops

This series of workshops offers comprehensive evaluations across various fitness components, supporting you in understanding your current fitness levels and gaining insights to improve your performance and technique, taking you to the next level!


Enhance your squat technique through guidance and expert assessment in our focused workshop, perfect for intermediate enthusiasts looking to refine their squatting skills.

Join our intermediate-level workshop for technique review and expert guidance, aimed at refining your deadlift form and boosting your lifting prowess.

Step up your game with our intermediate workshop for bench pressing, where assessments and expert insights will refine your bench press technique, empowering you to achieve new lifting milestones.

Discover Your Peak Power: join our workshop to learn and execute the 6-second Wattbike peak power test, gaining insights into both the test methodology and your current power level.

Skills Workshops 

Our team of experts are on hand to educate, mentor and guide you through the processes of learning and refining your skills, so that you can reach your fitness goals. You can expect valuable tips and guidance, along with recommendations for additional workshops and programmes to elevate your skills even further.

Learn to Squat

Master the Perfect Squat: Join our beginner-friendly workshop for expert guidance on proper squat technique, ensuring safety and effectiveness in your fitness journey.

Unlock the secrets of safe and effective deadlift technique in our hands-on workshop designed for beginners seeking expert guidance and knowledge.

Join our tailored workshop for beginners, where you’ll gain the skills and confidence to master the bench press technique under the guidance of our experienced Gym team.

Try out our beginner-friendly workshop to learn the fundamentals and proper technique of barbell rows, empowering you with foundational strength-building knowledge in a supportive, educational environment.

Endurance Workshops

If you are someone who relishes in pushing your limits…so do we! Embrace the world of endurance training, whether you wish to enhance your cardiovascular fitness or explore the realm of ultra marathons.

CV Induction

Dive into the basics of heart-boosting exercises with our Beginner’s Cardiovascular Education Induction, where you’ll learn essential techniques for improving heart health and stamina in a supportive group setting.

Strength Workshops

If you are someone who relishes in pushing your limits…so do we! Embrace the world of endurance training, whether you wish to enhance your cardiovascular fitness or explore the realm of ultra marathons.

Upper Body Power

Elevate your strength journey with our comprehensive workshop for all levels, focusing on power-building exercises and training methods specifically tailored for the upper body, guided by expert instruction in a focused, educational setting.

Join our all-level workshop, where you’ll delve into specific exercises and ways of training to build leg power under the guidance of our expert instructors.

Discover effective exercises and techniques for core building in our dynamic workshop suitable for all levels, unlocking your potential in a focused, educational setting.

Join our informative and empowering beginner’s session to master the art of resistance machines, unlocking the path to safe and effective strength training.

Join our expert-led session to master safe and effective free weight usage, designed exclusively for beginners seeking to build foundational skills and confidence.

Holistic Fitness Workshops

Our experts will show you the skills to ensure you have the key building blocks needed to improve your fitness. Breadth of fitness is a key component to a more healthy, fit and resilient you.

Mobility for Strength

Join our inclusive workshop tailored for all levels, where you’ll delve into effective exercises and techniques to amplify overall body mobility, enhancing your strength training prowess in a focused, educational environment.

Elevate your cardio game in our inclusive workshop, where you’ll discover versatile exercises and stretches for all levels to enhance flexibility and compliment your endurance training.

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