Level Up Workshops

Running Workshops

Join our running workshops, where our in-house experts will help you to get the most out of your runs.

Whether you’re new to running or looking to push yourself that extra mile, our team will host specialised workshops that delve into various aspects of improving your running techniques.

Our six workshops will take place over the six weeks leading up to the Great Birmingham Run on Sunday 5 May. Each year University of Birmingham staff, student and community members join #TeamUoB for discounted entry to the 10K at the Great Birmingham Run.

Level Up Running Workshops

Workshop 1: 14 March 2024 - Introduction to #TeamUoB at the Great Birmingham Run and running training plans.

This workshop will introduce you to #TeamUoB at the Great Birmingham Run, and how you can get involved. Our gym team will help signpost you to the services you can access to assess your current fitness levels, alongside introducing you to training plans to encourage your running journey.

This workshop will cover the running fundamentals, including running form and technique and choosing the correct footwear.

This workshop will delve into injury prevention and recovery, including stretching and flexibility exercises and identifying and managing common running injuries.

This workshop will cover how to create your personalised cardio workout plan, how to incorporate interval training into your workout routine and the overall importance of cardiovascular training.

This workshop will look at the importance of strength training in runners, demonstrating specific exercises that will benefit your running progress. Our team will look at how you can create a balanced strength training routine to suit your needs.

This workshop will cover race day strategies for those taking part in the Great Birmingham Run. We’ll discuss plans for the day and address any remaining questions or concerns, and the team will cover techniques for dealing with pre-race nerves to pacing strategies for the race itself.

This workshop will be to reflect on the personal progress and achievements of members and share stories from the Great Birmingham Run. We will discuss future running goals and plans, alongside what else members would like to see from Sport and Fitness to support their running journey.

Practical Sessions

Athletics Track
12.30pm - Track Running
6.00pm - 'Just Run'
On Campus
5.05pm - Campus Circuits
Sport & Fitness
5.20pm - Indoor Circuits
6.45pm - Indoor Circuits
5.30pm - Indoor Circuits
12.25pm - 30-min Cycle
7.30am - Cycle
6.30pm - Cycle
6.30am - RPM
1.35pm - Cycle
6.45am - GGT Conditioning
6.45am - GGT Conditioning
7.20am - Weights & Conditioning
1.05pm - GGT HIIT
1.05pm - GGT HIIT
7.15am - Wake Up Yoga
11.00am - Pilates
7.15am - Flow Yoga
11.20am - Gentle Pilates
7.30am - Wake Up Yoga
8.00am - Yoga
9.00am - Gentle Stretch
10.00am - Hatha Yoga
1.30pm - Flow Yoga
12.15pm - Yoga
4.15pm - Yoga Pilates
12.15pm - Hatha Yoga
5.10pm - Gentle Pilates
6.15pm - Flow Yoga
6.05pm - Yin Yoga
5.10pm - Candlelit Yoga

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