UNIversal Gym

Student memberships at University of Birmingham give you access to the BUCS UNIversal gym scheme to access multiple University gyms across the country. 

Find your nearest UNIversal Gym

Use the gym-finder on the BUCS website to search for your nearest UNIversal gym and what each gym offers.

How to activate your UNIversal Gym membership

To get access to a UNIversal Gym membership follow these easy steps: 

  1. Purchase your Sport & Fitness or Tiverton Gym membership at University of Birmingham
  2. Login or register with BUCS Play (available from the App Store or Google Play or BUCS Play online
  3. Click the search button and change the ‘I’m looking for’ option to UNIversal Gym of Study
  4. Select the location of your current University (where you have membership to) 
  5. Follow the steps through the process to ‘apply’ for a UNIversal Gym membership 
  6. Your request will be sent to the University of Birmingham Sport & Fitness membership team for approval. It can take up to 72 hours for approval.
  7. You will not be able to book a session at another institution until your UNIversal gym membership has been approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any annual student membership at Sport & Fitness or Tiverton Gym is eligible for a UNIversal Gym membership. If your membership is cancelled or terminated for any reason, your UNIversal Gym membership will also be removed.

All visits to other facilities must be booked via BUCS Play in advance as there are restrictions on access dates and times.


Please ensure you read the session description carefully for the facility you wish to visit including any Terms and Conditions.


When you arrive at the facility, speak to a member of staff to inform them you are part of the BUCS UNIversal scheme and they will advise you if there is any further actions to complete before you use the facility, such as signing a health commitment statement.

There may be restrictions in place, where there are institution gyms in proximity to one another. 

All UNIversal gym sessions can be found via the search tab on BUCS Play and searching Gym Sessions. If an institution near you is not listed, it is because they have not opted in to the BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership scheme.

You will need to renew your UNIversal Gym membership from 30 September annually (beginning from now, so if you sign up before 30 September 2022, you will need to renew it in October 2022).