Kundalini Yoga

A system of meditation and stretching directed towards the release of kundalini energy.

Ashtanga Yoga

An athletic style of yoga synchronising breath with a progressive series of postures that are repeated in the same sequence. Perfect for those already familiar with yoga and those looking for a challenge!

Flow Yoga

Coordinating breath with a flow of movement between poses, this class is a great way to improve fitness and flexibility. Perfect for beginners and those already familiar with yoga


Perfect for strengthening deep core muscles in your back and stomach, using slow movements and breath to increase the intensity. Ideal for those recovering from injuries or supporting their overall fitness.

Yin Yoga

Poses are held for around 3 minutes, using comforting supports including bolsters, blocks and mats to support flexibility level and stretch muscle fascia. Warm comfortable clothing ideal, bring blankets/cushions if desired

Wake Up Yoga

An early morning Hatha/ Flow inspired Yoga incorporating stretches, flowing poses and breathing exercises, setting you up for the day. Suitable for all abilities