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University of Birmingham’s Cheerleading club, known as the Birmingham Pussycats, is a squad of approximately 65 students of all genders. The club has 5 competing squads: Level 3, Level 2, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Pom. As one of the best cheerleading teams in the country, the Pussycats hold multiple national championship titles and frequently excel in all divisions. The club also has a performance squad that regularly performs at a range of sporting events, always supporting the Pride.


The Birmingham Pussycats perform the half-time show at the UK’s annual premier Varsity American Football Game, ‘xpLosION!’ in front of 4000+ spectators. This event is definitely a highlight of the university calendar that both participating and spectating students look forward to! Being a Pussycat is a brilliant way to learn a new set of unique skills, develop as an athlete and be part of a diverse and ambitious team.


President: Lily Smith

Membership Price

As part of signing up to a Sports Club you are agreeing to the Sport and Fitness Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Sports Club Code of Conduct and other UB Sport policies. Click here to head to Sports Club Benefits to read them.

£122 yearly membership includes:  

  • Access to Pre-Season training

  • Access to 2 x try out sessions.

  • Additional sessions available
    Travel to ICC Nationals, Nottingham

  • Affiliations to relevant Cheer bodies

  • Entry fees for Legacy and ICC

  • Sport related equipment provided

  • Competent coaches available at all training sessions and competitions

  • Maximum of 22 weeks of 3 hours per week training

  • Additional hours of training set aside of club events

Extra – compulsory  

  • Competition Fee £40 per person
  • Coach Fee £15 per person

Extra – not compulsory  

  • Scratch cards
  • Showcase
  • Xplosion Raffle and Pep Rally
  • Club related social activity

*This is an approximate list of what the club membership may include. This can change at any point, so please confirm with the club directly on what this membership includes.

Trials and Tasters


  • Thursday 21 September: 12pm – 5pm (Ergo), 2pm – 7pm (Dojo), 2pm – 7pm (Studio 1)
  • Friday 22 September: 2pm – 5pm (Studio 2)
  • Saturday 23 September: 5pm – 7pm (Studio 1)



The club frequently train in the university's sports halls and Dojo within Sport & Fitness.


The university's Gillet Centre is an off site gymnastics centre, used frequently by the club.


Exact times will be confirmed by the club upon registration.


The club has 5 competing squads: Level 3, Level 2, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Pom.