Dodgeball is a club that provides opportunities for all abilities to partake in a fun and friendly sport. With up to 3 training sessions a week, we offer the perfect chance for you to get in shape while also socialising and learning a new skill set. The sessions include two technical-based training days if you fancy the competitive side of dodgeball and one lighter social session if you just want to come and play for fun.

Dodgeball offers as much or as little competition as you desire, ranging from competitive teams to social sessions, anyone can get involved at any level. We have experienced members of the club who have played and trained outside the walls of university and provide insight into the game giving us the extra step up to compete. The club represents both regionally and nationally in tournaments and competitions, while also holding on to two BUCS men’s teams and one BUCS women’s teams, both of which have been successful in recent years.

Dodgeball as a club is super inclusive welcoming all people and abilities to join us! Join us on the Lounge app for further information.


President: Eric Holyhead


Multi-sport Munrow Arena

The club frequently trains and competes in the Sport & Fitness multi-sport arena.


Exact times will be confirmed by the club upon registration.


3 teams that compete in various local and national weekend championships.