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Jiu Jitsu


Jiu Jitsu is a comprehensive martial art, consisting of throws, submissions and striking, oriented toward practical self-defence for the modern day. Our style encourages training in a safe and collaborative manner, that allows people of all levels to develop and enjoy themselves!


We train toward gradings at the end of each term, where we demonstrate and pressure-test our techniques in order to earn new belts. In 2022/23, we achieved a 100% pass rate in all of our gradings!


Our club is part of The Jiu-Jitsu Foundation (TJJF), the largest single-style Jiu-Jitsu organisation in the UK. Which means when you join us you have access to clubs all over the country, and even internationally! So it is easy to continue on your jiu jitsu journey wherever you may be in the future. 


We compete in two national Jiu Jitsu training-camp & competition weekends each year: the Atemi and Randori Championships. Where we frequently bring back medals at all grade levels, and we even won the national BUCS Team Women’s competition in 2022 and the TJJF’s Midlands Club of the Year 2023!


The first two sessions are FREE, and new members are welcome all year round. So why not pop us a message and give it a go?

Committee 2023/24

President: Jack Shilton
Treasurer: Alex Rees
Social Secretary – Sherlyn Yan Wen Lin 
General Secretary – Jhundon Mendi
Welfare Officer – Terri Burton



Our Dojo is a purpose built facility within Sport & Fitness.


Our state-of-the-art gym is available for all your strength and conditioning needs.



Compete in BUCS Jiu Jitsu Championships which allows for a range of levels to enter.

Membership Price

As part of signing up to a Sports Club you are agreeing to the Sport and Fitness Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Sports Club Code of Conduct and other UB Sport policies. Click here to head to Sports Club Benefits to read them.

£100 (Semester 1) or £65 (Semester 2) yearly membership includes:

  • 2x 2-hour sessions per week (4 hours total) for the whole academic year
  • TJJF Member licence
  • Badges included

Extra – compulsory
Gi purchase – £30 per person


Extra – not compulsory

  • Atemi Nationals – £80 per person
  • Atemis Training Only – £65 per person
  • Randoris Nationals – £80 per person
  • Randoris Training Only – £65 per person
  • Semester 2 Mat fees – £5 (One-time payment)
  • Semester 3 Mat fees – £5 (One-time payment)
  • Hoodie purchase – £32.50 per person
    Club related social Activity
  • Individual club clothing purchased – varied on price

*This is an approximate list of what the club membership may include. This can change at any point, so please confirm with the club directly on what this membership includes.

Trials and Tasters


Monday 25 September | 8pm – 10pm | Dojo

Thursday 28 Sept | 8pm – 10pm | Dojo