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Ever wanted to kayak down a waterfall? Smash into someone else’s kayak before lobbing a ball into a goal 2 meters above the surface of the water in a game of kayak polo? Or chill out and make lifelong friends in and around the pool? Well, the University of Birmingham Kayaking Club (UBKC) is for you.


In our club, ability always comes second place to the willingness to have a go. We aim to encourage everyone to get the most out of kayaking, whatever their ability level.


UBKC offers a unique opportunity to escape the city and explore some of the UK’s rivers and national parks. During the summer break, we travel to the Alps for two weeks with paddlers of all abilities in search of Europe’s best white water. If that’s not your style you can also take part in kayak BUCS polo adding a competitive edge to your kayaking. You can expect to make new friends with many great social events.


UBKC has three pool sessions a week focused on fundamental kayaking skills, and various activities to test those skills like white water trips or polo competitions over the weekends.


Come and give it a go!



President: Murray Weir

Club email: [email protected]


50 Metre Pool

Kayaking frequently train in our 50m pool right here on campus.


Exact times will be confirmed by the club upon registration.


Compete in BUCS Canoe Polo Championships in the Spring.

Membership Price

As part of signing up to a Sports Club you are agreeing to the Sport and Fitness Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Sports Club Code of Conduct and other UB Sport policies. Click here to head to Sports Club Benefits to read them.

£114 yearly membership includes:

  • Maximum of 21 weeks training x 4hrs per week
  • British Canoe Club Membership
  • B team BUCS Entry
  • Sport related equipment provided

Extra – not compulsory

  • Club related social Activity
  • Individual club clothing purchased – varied on price

*This is an approximate list of what the club membership may include. This can change at any point, so please confirm with the club directly on what this membership includes.

Trials and Tasters

Head to Kayaking’s Instagram page @uobkayak to find out more