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Ultimate Frisbee


Ultimate is a fun, fast-paced and competitive sport. Our club performs well in BUCS and in national tournaments.


We have 2 regular training sessions a week for all our members, plus extra training for those wanting to play for one of our first or second teams. We enter in tournaments all over the country and have incredible socials every Wednesday too.


Ultimate is an up and coming sport that is great to start at University. You can join to play competitive sport, keep fit or just have the opportunity to enjoy the social aspect – we cater for all!


We have two men’s teams and one women’s team:


  • Men’s 1 – BUCS Midlands 1A
  • Men’s 2 – BUCS Midlands 2B
  • Women’s Midlands Tier 1


  • You can play in up to 10 tournaments throughout the year all over the country.
  • Ultimate is a self-refereed game.
  • We play both indoors (5 a-side) and outdoors (7 a-side).
  • You are able to play in both the single-sex and mixed divisions.
  • We are one of the cheapest BUCS sports clubs at UoB.
  • Ultimate is an all-inclusive sport so everyone is welcome to join whether you are looking to play competitively or casually!


Head Coach: Melissa Barnett

Club Captain: Eleanor (Ellie) Perkin


water synthetic pitches

Two state-of-the-art water synthetic pitches right here on campus.

Bournbrook 3G Pitches

The club frequently train on our Bournbrook 3G pitches.


Exact times will be confirmed by the club upon registration.


The club have 3 teams that compete in BUCS Indoor and Outdoor Nationals as well as BUCS leagues ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 2.