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The University of Birmingham Weightlifting club is an inclusive and welcoming sports club. We offer the opportunity for athletes to excel within weightlifting, as well new members to enjoy and improve at the sport.
We have two British Weightlifting qualified coaches who train our athletes 3 times a week. These sessions are held in the Sport & Fitness dedicated Performance Gym, using the exceptional programmes created by our coaches.
We have multiple lifters performing at high levels, including two 2023 British Champions and many other National medal-winning athletes.
Through our inclusive environment, we highly encourage beginners to join – whether you have never touched a barbell before or have been going to the gym for years! Our dedicated coaches are highly skilled to allow all club members to learn & excel in the weightlifting movements.
We are a quickly growing club accepting members of all abilities. Please feel free to contact any of the members/coaches below about membership, as well as any other enquiries.


President/Coach: Hugo McNeil

Secretary: Ed Owen


Exact times will be confirmed by the club upon registration.

Membership Price

As part of signing up to a Sports Club you are agreeing to the Sport and Fitness Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Sports Club Code of Conduct and other UB Sport policies. Click here to head to Sports Club Benefits to read them.

£118.50 termly (£237 yearly) membership includes:  

  • Maximum x 22 weeks at 3 hrs per week qualified coaching

  • Sport related equipment provided

  • Maximum x 22 weeks x6 hrs per week in the Performance Studio 1 

Extra – not compulsory

  • Club related social Activity 

  • Individual club clothing purchased – varied on price 

  • BUCS Weightlifting Entry, Travel and Accommodation fee – confirmed near to competition 

*This is an approximate list of what the club membership may include. This can change at any point, so please confirm with the club directly on what this membership includes.

Trials and Tasters

Head to Weightlifting Instagram page @uobweightlifting to find out more.